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We have had problems with AC drain lines clogging. This has helped save me $100’s from having the AC repair company come out to clear the drain.

Craig F.

New Jersey

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New Jersey

AC Line Cleaner – Home HVAC Build-Up Remover

Keep the lines, drain lines, drip pans, pump reservoirs and p-traps on your home HVAC units cleared and cleaned with the effective, heavy-duty formula of AC Line Cleaner. This product was made to break down and remove debris or build-up in a variety of home air conditioning units and drink machines without any damage to lines, pumps, pipes or pans.

You can use AC Line Cleaner if there’s troublesome build-up in your unit’s lines, or if you’re just looking to perform some preventative maintenance to prevent damages from flooding or overflow and avoid any expensive repairs. AC Line Cleaner can extend the life of air conditioners and humidifiers, but also ensure top performance and freshness in soda fountain and other drink dispensers!

Use AC Line Cleaner on any of the following machines/units:

  • Portable air conditioners

  • Central AC
  • AC condensate pump reservoirs

  • Humidifiers

  • Dehumidifiers

  • Soft drink machines

  • Drinking fountains

  • Ice machines

  • Other condensate drain line applications

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